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At ICA we've perfected the production of pipe fitting insulation to a science; consequently the HAMFAB product has the reputation of being the best preformed insulator on the market. Over 30 years of continued service to the insulation industry with no reports of job site failure solidifies that claim.

HAMFAB fitting insulators are unique and better because they're molded, not mitered and glued together from sections of straightrun insulation or machine routed from flat stock board. Molding means that the HAMFAB product is manufactured utilizing the same type of process employed in the production of the straightrun insulation; and that ensures that our fitting insulator is going to match the rest of the system in thickness, density, thermal and acoustical efficiency.

Molding versus mitering or routing renders a truly rugged fitting. HAMFAB fitting insulators don't have to be pampered to eradicate in transit or on the job site breakage; if you drop them from a scaffold, or accidentally step on them, don't worry, they're still usable. In fact, HAMFAB fitting insulators are so durable and tough that when applied with wire or tape they are actually removable and reusable. And because they don't delaminate from normal lineal expansion and contraction in the system, they effect real longevity of service!

HAMFAB fitting insulators have a smooth surface finish with fibers that don't dust or fuzz us, so they're easy to coat with a vapor barrier or breather coating. And their clean contours ensure that any metal or plastic protective cover will fit without necessary field alteration.

Because all HAMFAB insulators are molded in identical half sections, you can pick up any half section and be confident that it will exactly match any other half section of the same size, whether you buy two fittings or one thousand and two fittings. And identically matched half sections means that you can insulate a monstrous 18x6 or 24x4 elbow almost as simply as a little 7/8x1 elbow.

At ICA we're truly proud of our reputation and the fact that we're perfectionists and experts in the field of custom molding. Truth is, we're so confident of our product that we even stamp the inside of all of our insulators with an identifying "H".

And last but not least HAMFAB fitting insulators are competitively priced. We'll send you free price lists to prove it.

So when HAMFAB preformed fiberglass pipe fitting insulators have all this to offer...


HAMFAB Type 1000° premolded insulators are designed to insulate heating, cooling, or process piping systems operating at temperatures from -20° to +1000°. The insulators are normally applied by placing two premolded matching half-sections over the pipe fitting, and joining them together using tape, wire, or adhesive (applied to the seams). After being joined, the fitting insulator is ready for jacketing, vapor barrier coating, or other finishes.

It makes sense to choose fiberglass, a proven performer, used safely in countless millions of
applications, worldwide, for many years. More and more engineers and their customers recognize that installed cost and enduring dependable performance are the real measures of economy and profitable return. It makes sense to choose the fitting insulator that is a proven investment – HAMFAB Fitting Insulators. You can be sure if it's HAMFAB.


Metal or Plastic Protective Jackets – that conform to ASTM-C-585.

Note: contact HAMFAB for additional specification compliance and data.


Time and Labor Savings:

Two-piece, pre-formed design minimizes guesswork in estimates of labor and fitting costs. Superior fiberglass thermal efficiency. Fast, economical application coverage. Eliminates costly blanket wrapping or mitering. All L.R. Weld Ells fit standard aluminum & plastic covers. New design SR Screwed Ells designed to fit aluminum and plastic covers.

Insulates Hot or Cold piping systems...provides superior safety from -20° to +1000° F.
Reduces noise levels in piping.
Low, stable K factor: 23° to 75° F mean.
Allows damage-free expansion/contraction/deflection in fittings and couplings.

Physical Properties:

HAMFAB custom-molded pipe fitting insulators are molded in two matching half sections, using fine, inert fibered glass of uniform density, utilizing a thermosetting resin. Sections match as premolded units with no handwork, and are resilient and light in weight.

4-6 lb./cu. Ft.
Moisture absorption:

0.2% by volume, 96 hrs. at 120° F
and 96% RH
None. Dimensionally stable
Temperature application:
From -20° to +1000° F.
Ph 9
Thermal conductivity:
0.21 Btu., in./ft2, hr. °F at 75°
Mean Temperature


90° Weld Elbows

90° Copper Tube Elbows

90° Screwed & Socket Elbows

Weld & Screwed Tees

45° Weld Elbows

45° Screwed & Socket Elbows

Copper Tube Tees

Available in sizes 1/2" to 24" pipe size.

  • Precision cut for easy assembly with tie wire, tape or adhesive.
  • Inner chamber dimensions allow easy assembly over pipe fittings.
  • Two-piece unit permits easy removal for inspection purposes.
  • Fine cut edges – mating and sealing of fitting halves and straight-run covering is precise.
  • Superior smooth inner and outer surfaces – finish of close-knit bonded glass fibers will not separate … surface accepts fire-resistive vapor barrier and breather coatings.
    Incombustible. Immune to rot, corrosion, odors, insects, oxidation. Resists aging and thermal shock. Good water and solvent resistance. Damage-resistant molded half-sections can take more than expected on-site abuse and spring back to shape and no loss of physical insulating properties.

    HAMFAB premolded fitting insulators are the answer to today's demand for better, more economical performance in thermal/acoustical insulation. Consider all the design and application benefits they provide. Fitting insulators can comprise as much as one-third the total surface area of a piping system. It makes sense to choose HAMFAB, the insulators that give you ease of application, superior thermal and acoustical performance, and longevity of service.

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